Local Missionaries

Bekah Ishak

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, ECU

David Wall

Fellowship for Christian Athletes – Eastern North Carolina

Trudy Halstead

God’s Love, Inc

David and Kathy Sawyer

With Purpose International

Nathan White

Third Street Education Center

National Missionaries

Jason and Ericka Gates

Cru/Family Life, Little Rock, AR

Matthew Lilley

Burn 24/7, Raleigh, NC

Wade and Sharon Cox

Mercy Ships, Waco, TX

Logan Maloney

UNC Summit College, Raleigh, NC

International Missionaries

Isidro and Lucy Mejia

House of Restoration Church, La Romana, Dominican Republic

Stephan and Mary Calhoun

Hellenic Ministries, Athens, Greece

Justin and Eva Macris

Hellenic Ministries, Athens, Greece

Richard and Amanda Coleman

Horn of Africa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Selina Yamout

Church of Tyre, Tyre, Lebanon

Caroline Douglas

Bingham Academy, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Ermias Abay

New Life Faith Ministries, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

Bishop Saint*


G and S*


J and J*



*Due to security reasons we cannot publish the names or locations of our partners.  If you would like more information about out partners, please contact Jeremy Griffin at jeremyg@covenant.cc or 355.0123.