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April Focus Month – Syria and Syrian Refugees

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April 22, 1.30-5.30pm: “Understanding Muslims – Sharing Christ with Muslims“, Winterville Campus, Building B-205

How can we understand Muslims better? How can we interact with them respectfully and at the same time share about the hope we have? What is Good News for Muslims? How can we present the Good News in a way that is relevant to them? How can we avoid fruitless discussions?

In the training you will learn about important parts of the Muslim worldview and how find ways to their hearts.

W.P. (name withheld due to security reasons) has lived and served with his family among Muslims at the Horn of Africa and in Turkey. He was born into a Russian-German family during the times of the Soviet Union. Escaping from persecution his family took the chance in the 70th to immigrate to Germany.  Since he returned from the field 2011 with his family he continues to train ordinary people in churches to reach out to Muslims in Europe. In Germany he has trained more than 2600 people as many believers got involved with refugees in the last few years.

April 27, 5.30-8pm: Potluck, Praise and Prayer, Winterville Campus, Building B – Student Center

In February 2018 we started a bi-monthly fellowship, worship and prayer event to focus on each of our International Focus areas as well as West-Greenville.  On April 27 we will continue with this event focusing on Syria and the Syrian refugees.

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Vision 2020

To know God’s will and plan for our church in reaching out into our communities, cities and to the ends of the earth (cf. Acts 1:8, Matt. 28:18-20).

What we do, needs to come from who we are.  We reach out and are involved in missions, because we are missional (in light of a missional God).  As new creations in Christ, our whole being is focused on 3 aspects of our identity in Christ that Paul refers to in multiple passages; hope, love and faith (cf. 1 Cor 13, Col 1:5, 1 Thess 1:3, 1 Thes 5:8).  These three aspects also represent the past (faith in what God has revealed through the ages, culminating in Christ), present (our love for God and our neighbors) and future (the hope we have in Christ’s return and the restoration of all creation). We can translate these aspects of our Christ-identity into actions:

  • Faith – Witness
  • Love – Compassion
  • Hope – Care

We are therefore called to witness and proclaim Christ outwards through all three of these actions.

In searching God’s vision for Covenant Church, we believe that we are called to be obedient within our reach (our communities and cities within North Carolina) and outside our immediate reach (to the ends of the earth); or local and global outreach.


One of the best ways for us to get involved in global outreach is through our prayers. Literally every person in our church can participate in prayer for global outreach. We also know that prayer is incredibly important, arguably the most important way for us to support outreach and the global church.

Mobilize and Support

Be part of our Strategic Vision Teams for all our GO Vision 2020 focus areas to mobilize Covenant Church to reach into our communities and to the ends of the earth.  There are also various ways to support our missionaries, ministry partners and church planters through pastoral care, prayer, financial support and moral support.

Click here for more information on how you can get involved in mobilization of others and support of our missionaries and ministry partners.


Part of the GO ministry is to communicate what the Lord is doing through our missionaries, ministry partners and church members, as well as to give information about the various aspects of the ministry.

Click here to see all our communications avenues and ways to get involved.


God has chosen to do the work of missions through the financial support of faithful saints. If you feel God is asking you to support His work taking place around the world, ask him where. We have some local, national and international options to join in where Covenant is already partnering financially, but we encourage you to follow where God is leading you to give.

Please contact Robin Davis at for more information.


To grow in our understanding what the Lord is doing in our communities and around the world, the GO team provides specific training opportunities and links to other opportunities in our area. Follow this link to find out more about these opportunities.


We encourage individuals, couples, families and groups to get involved with and support our local ministry parters as well as some of other community organizations.  Here is more information on local serving opportunities.  You are also welcome to look at our GO opportunities booklets to serve within the ministry, both Locally and Internationally.

Global Outreach Team

The Global Outreach (GO) team can be reached at or 355.0123.  For more information about the GO Team, please follow this link.